Contracts & security

Security comes first.
The contracts and wallets are listed below so that all transactions can be tracked along the value of the vaults, the collateral ratio, the number of tokens, etc.
The security audit ensures that the contracts are secured against exploits and work as explained in the papers and documents.
The accounting audits are performed by a trusted third party. Some of the trading activities (always with stablecoins or delta-neutral positions) are happening off-chain, on different CEXs. While this information cannot be manually checked by individual investors, we do want to provide the insurance that the funds we say are on CEXs are actually there, and that the funds generated are only used to finance $SPUSD. Therefore, monthly audits will be performed and published.
Contracts & wallets
$SPUSD contract: TBA
$SPUSD Collateral Vault address: TBA
$SPUSD Claiming Pool smart contract: TBA
Security audit
$SPUSD audit: TBA
Accounting audits
Monthly acounting audits: TBA
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