The native token of SpaceDEFI is $SPACE
$SPACE is SpaceDEFI's flagship and governance token, capturing multiple sources of revenues: fees generated by SpaceBOTS, investments from protocol-owned liquidity, early withdrawal fees on SpaceGAMES, revenues generated by the upcoming $SUSD stablecoin, etc.
Seed price: 1$, hard cap 250K$, five months linear vesting
Presale price: 1.6$, low cap 250K hard cap 1.3M$
Launch price: 2$
Buy, sell and transfer taxes
  • 5% buy tax: 2% buyback & burn, 2% to the treasury, 1% returned to reward pools
  • 10% transfer tax: 10% burnt
  • 15% sell tax: 10% burnt, 5% to the treasury
Starting 2 months after launch, the following changes will be implemented
  • Diamond Ship Program: offering various perks (higher APR, access to exclusive bot-trading vaults and more) $SPACE holders who 1/ have been holding the longest 2/ are holding the most amount and 3/ have referred the most investors to SpaceBOTS & other SpaceDEFI products
  • SpaceGAMES: variable $SPACE lock-up periods to earn rewards (in $SPACE bought back from the market and stablecoins)
  • Elastic supply: liquidity incentives are provided for locked pools the first 6 months. After that, tokens are only minted for the bonding mechanism which is only active in periods of price appreciation. Buybacks are done when price has a downward trend.