The team is talented, creative, KYC'd and doxxed.
Ylchema - Project Lead is a public relations professional and started investing in crypto in 2021. He started by trading blue chips, then altcoins and quickly jumped into DeFi 1.0, 2.0 (Ohm forks) and 3.0 (MCC forks and nodes). He started thinking about the lack of sustainability of most DeFi projects in November and, after several iterations and many tweaks to the project, presented SpaceFUND to the other members to found the team presented below. To him, SpaceDEFI will always be a beta version: always open to innovation and improvements.
Gamifier - Lead Dev is an IT firm partner with four developers working on full stack projects, and asian dad to a lovely daughter. He has close to 20 years of technology experience, spanning across software to infrastructure and started trading cryptocurrencies in 2016, delved into DeFi in 2021 and learned Web3 in 2021. He is involved in SpaceDEFI because he is looking for a safe project that has sustainable tokenomics and a like-minded team.
Garen - Front-end dev specializing in web3 dapp creation and contract interactions. His day job is front end developer at a huge multinational corporation. He has around 5 years of experience in web development and have been into crypto from 2017 and does web3 development during his free time as well as developing projects of his own. He joined SpaceFUND to participate in this unicorn project, to network and gain insights on how the web3 development world works.
ThinkRandy - Marketing Specialist comes from a background ranging from doing large scale music events all over the world from New York to Ibiza, Spain to building and marketing companies. His current operation has been in business for over 15 years creating media and growing brands for over 15,000 companies internationally. His experience is more than just publicity and media - it is also in creating big relationships, partnerships and event experience. companies internationally.
kVOTHED - Governance council member has led teams of over 50 staff, managed projects valued at several millions of dollars, and is responsible for the development of programs in excess of $40 million yearly envelopes. He has been part of SpaceFUND since the beginning, supporting with analyses and his insightful point of view.
Nerlon - Governance council member is a Public Policy Analysts and Researcher with a focus on blockchain technology. He worked for the most influential Think-Tanks in Europe and was a pro-DeFi/crypto lobbyist in the European Union. He is advising and consulting DeFi projects and private investor groups. He first got involved with Crypto in 2017 and his defi journey started in 2020. He joined SpaceFUND as a Governance council member to share his in-depth crypto knowledge, motivation to make DeFi better and contribute to the project.
Newbie - Governance council member is a Medical Doctor with almost a decade of experience in the Medical field. He also ventured into research medicine to pioneer innovative ways of dealing with current medical conditions. He has been in crypto for 2 years, started with altcoins but only got into the DeFi space 1 year ago. He joined SpaceFUND because it was a breath of fresh air in this space. He saw a unique project that solved the chaos in this space, one with an ever-increasing token instead of the usual pump and dump tokens.
Wiz - Art Alchemist is a UI | UX Designer and his current day job is working at a blockchain startup. He has been into crypto for some years now, but only got in the DeFi space around 2 years ago. He joined SpaceFUND because he saw an opportunity to be part of an outstanding project, with its foundations being what he eagerly searches in the crypto space: A bit of safety in chaos.
Unhype - Wordsmith is a finance professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. He is also an engineer at heart and runs a small manufacturing company and has various other professional interests including some commercial writing. He first got involved in crypto in 2021 and started mining Bitcoin with a Raspberry Pi. He believes that DeFi will be a huge, world changing sector, and in summer of 2021 he opted out of Cefi and went all in on Defi. He loved the sustainable nature and unique tokenomics of the project make this a new and exciting opportunity for us all.
KYC & doxxing
  • KYC: KYC with Obsidian for the team and Governance council
  • Doxxing: the core team (anyone accessing the multisig and/or the code) is doxxed to the Governance council and vice versa