v2: Bribe Your Way To Wealth

You participate in the Space Camps but you want more? We got you.
You saw in the v1 that each camp had a different odd of winning the prize each day. With the v2, you can now do three things:
  • Use your gSPACE as bribe to increase the odds that your camp will win the prize
  • Buy more gSPACE with SPACE tokens
  • Receive bribes and be paid in SPACE
How does it work?
On one side, gSPACE holders can buy bribes; on the other side, other gSPACE holders can accept to receive bribes if the price is above a certain threshold (either manually or automatically). The currency for the bribes is SPACE tokens. If the threshold for the bribes is met, the bribing process will take place: the gSPACE tokens are transferred from one investor to another investor for a full week before being automatically transferred back to the original owner.
When a bribing is done, the odds that each camp wins or loses changes. The change is calculated as such:
  • Total bribing power (for all the gSPACE tokens) = 100%
  • When a bribe happens, the briber (who pays in SPACE to receive the gSPACE for one week) increases the odds of winning of their camp to an extent that is relative to the amount of gSPACE being bribed
  • If 1% of the bribes are bought from a Navigator to an Explorer, the Navigator have 59% (60-1) odds of winning and the Explorers have 31% (30+1) odds of winning.
That's it. It is now up to you to make the math and improve your odds of winning more money, make coalition with other bribers and bribe your way to wealth! Or to accept other player's bribes...