v1: Space Camps

You have locked your SPACE for gSPACE. It's time to use your gSPACE to earn some rewards.
There are three Space Camps. Every day, one Space Camp receives rewards. The tax is redirected towards the prize pool. gSPACE holders can change camp at any time.
The three Space Camps have different odds of winning, and a different share of the prize for grab:
  • Navigators: 60% odds of winning, 40% of the prize
  • Explorers: 30% odds of winning, 70% of the prize
  • Discoverers: 10% odds of winning, 90% of the prize
Let's say you are a Navigator. Should the Navigator camp win (with 60% chances), the amount you earn is calculated as follows:
Prize amount * 60% * the number of gSPACE you hold / number of gSPACE tokens in the Navigator Camp
The part of the prize that is not distributed (40% in the case of Navigators) is added to the pool for the next day.