Make a win with or without risk and increase your rewards. Launch in April.
SpaceGAMES is an evolutionary game designed to increase user engagement, deliver heightened rewards and support SPACE token price. The SpaceGAMES are fueled by protocol-owned liquidity, invested to a large extent in BTON (see the SpaceFUND tokens). The rewards earned for holding BTON, both sustainable and increasing over time, are used to deliver high rewards to the investors participating in the SpaceGAMES.
The SpaceGAMES are made of three successive and complementary versions.
  • With the v1, only the Space Camps game will be available.
  • The v2 will add other features to the Space Camps games, which playerscan choose to use or not.
  • The v3 will add a completely new game, available next to the v1 and v2.