SpaceFUND works with three treasuries: the SCEPTER treasury for low risk investments; the BATON treasury for medium risk investments; and the Risk treasury for high-risk, high-rewards investment
The treasury is divided in three parts: the SCEPTER treasury, the BATON treasury and the Risk treasury. Why? Because the SCEPTER treasury backs the SCEPTER price, therefore we need to ensure its value never decreases; the BATON treasury is meant to be sustainable, so we decide to have a conservative (low / medium risk) approach. But by having a separate Risk treasury, we can offer a high degree of rewards to the investors for the same degree of risk.
Let's break it down, treasury per treasury.
The SCEPTER treasury is used to calculate SCEPTER’s backing price and its value backs the SCEPTER token's value. It is invested and its rewards are partly reinvested in the same treasury (thus increasing the SCEPTER price floor) and partly moved to the BATON treasury. 100% of its investments are in stablecoins.
The BATON treasury is invested and its rewards are partly reinvested (to grow further and benefit the holders even more over time) and partly airdropped to holders.
The investments from the SCEPTER and BATON treasuries will be conservative in order to grow continuously. They will exclude new coins, new platforms, non-audited protocols, etc. The community will be involved in the choices in two ways: making suggestions and voting to take the final decisions (either directly or through the governance council).
The Risk treasury will be a small percentage taken from the other treasuries initially. It will be invested in riskier investments. The rewards from this treasury will be split between the Risk treasury to fund other bold investments, the SCEPTER treasury to increase the SCEPTER price floor and the BATON treasury to increase the airdrops of BATON holders.
All treasuries are held by a multisig with KYC'd and doxxed team members, and governance council members which are elected by the community.
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