SpaceFUND overview

SpaceFUND (ex-WAND Investments) is a dual-token platform. SCEPTER, a token which price only increases, and BATON, whose holders receive weekly airdrops in stablecoins.
SpaceFUND is here to make DeFI not only attractive, but also safe for all investors. We offer two tokens with different purposes to meet the needs of different profiles. Our goal is to become the go-to place for people who, all around the world, want to invest their money somewhere, come back some time later and withdraw it with significant gains. SpaceFUND is different from other platforms. There is no gambling here, only maths.
SCEPTER is the ever-increasing token: its price will only increase, every hour of every day
The price of SCEPTER is not set by a DEX (and thus not subject to ups and downs), but calculcated by the master contract. This unconventional way to set the price is necessary to ensure that, under all market conditions, the price of our token will increase. This makes it a low-risk investment.
BATON is the passive income token: hold it and receive increasing amounts of airdrops every week in stablecoins
The aidrops for BATON holders do not come from token dilution (and ultimately price drops as many nodes experience). Instead, the rewards come from the rewards of our own investments, made by the team and in agreement with the community in a transparent way.
Investors can buy or sell SCEPTER and BATON here: https://dapp.wandinvestments.com/#/swap
Last modified 10mo ago