SpaceFUND is a community-driven project. The community votes on all important decision, and the elected governance council has a critical role in the platform's functioning.
SpaceFUND Investments will gradually move from a centralized organization to a decentralized autonomous organization. This will happen on two different levels.
The first level is the scope of the decisions taken with the community. At first, it will mainly be about the investment choices: we expect the community to make suggestions, argue for or against some investment opportunities, and ultimately vote for the best choice. The team will give a frame to the debate and the voting process, and respect its outcome. Later on, this same process will also apply to the products developed by the platform and the marketing plan. In other words, the community will decide the project’s future.
The second level is the governance process itself. At first, the investors will have a voice within a Governance channel on Discord. Then, we will create a category dedicated to governance. Its exact form and shape will depend on what the community asks for. Some investors will be elected by the community to work more closely with the team and ensure that the investors’ voice is always heard and taken into consideration. Over time, this elected council will have an increased role in organizing the debates, the votes and the respect of the decisions by the team.