Using SpaceBOTS

Today, bot-trading is not a straightforward process. You only need to connect your wallet, MetaMask or otherwise, on a platform to farm or swap tokens.
SpaceBOTS is different. Only three steps are required to run a bot-trading strategy:
First, choose your strategy
You will see a box with "Setup your strategy" at the left of your screen. Choose the chain and assets you want to trade on. They will be displayed in the right part of the screen.
Choose a strategy and the tokens to be traded
Second, visualise the possibilities
The different vaults are displayed. Pick one.
Third, zap & stake your assets
You only need to stake one token. If your pair includes a stablecoin (which is most often the case), then you will need to zap & stake it. Enter the amount of stablecoin you wish to use in this strategy, click on "Zap" and then "Stake".
That's it. Connect your wallet, choose your strategy and stake. You don't need to set up any parameter, and you can withdraw your funds at any moment.