How does SpaceBOTS work?
For the user: choose a vault, stake your assets and relax.
For the platform: a bot is working 24/7 behind each vault, constantly monitoring the price of each asset to be traded. Each bot works implements a specific strategy which is displayed on the vault.
What is SpaceBOTS good for?
We want to support investors in delivering superior rewards, both in a bear and in a bull market, with a controlled risk. With our first bots, including the grid-trading bot, we want to offer the same risk profile as a farm, with an APR that is 2x - 10x higher to what the investor would have got by farming with the same asset. The margin is high (2x - 10x) because it includes both the exotic forms of farming (leveraged, hedged...) and the variable returns of the bots (how many upgrades it has received, how volatile the market is...).
I'm losing money with your bots. Why is that?
A temporary loss is not uncommon. When grid trading, DCAing or swing trading, the trajectory is not linear: there are some wins, some losses, some wins... A bot performance is best assessed over a period of several weeks.
What bots are you using?
Our first bot is a grid-trading bot. Our roadmap includes the following plans:
  • Regularly upgrade the grid-trading bot to increase its ROI
  • Offer more low/medium risk bot-trading strategies
  • Create baskets of vaults and an over-collateralized, yield-bearing stablecoin driven by arbitrage strategies
  • Open an API for strategists to connect their own bots
How can I set up a new vault?
The vaults are manually created by the team. Just let us know on Discord what vault you want and, if the community likes the idea, we will create it. Keep in mind that a vault requires at least 5K$ to start working (with less funds, the strategies would be less effective).