Referral system

An important part of our marketing strategy is based on the referral system. 15% of the fees collected will be attributed to the Referral Pool.
The following formula is used to determine the rewards earned by a user providing a referral code is:
As a result, a provider of referral code receives more fees when more fees are collected (as the protocol grows) and as the TVL staked by the investors using their referral code grows (when more and/or bigger investors use their referral code).
The minimum value earned by a provider of referral code is 15% of the fees generated on the investors using the code. In practice, considering that many investors will get to know SpaceBOTS without a referral code, the providers of referral codes are more likely to earn 30% or even 50% of the fees generated by their referees. All this at no extra cost for the referees.
Last modified 10mo ago