Choosing a bot-trading strategy

You can play around to maximise your profits and minimise your risks in two different ways: by choosing the liquidity pair you trade and choosing the strategy run by the bot.
The liquidity pair you choose matters. No matter the strategy, you need the price to change, otherwise no trading will happen. Some tokens like BNB or ETH have moderate price volatility, but you are also fairly certain that their price won’t crash altogether. By choosing such tokens, you give up a part of your potential profit to increase the safety profile of your investment. Other assets like LUNA are much more volatile, with more potential profits and risks.
The strategy is also important. Depending on the strategy (grid trading, DCAing, swing trading, longing, shorting…), some price actions (up, down, sideways) will be more or less rewarding.
At first, we will only offer grid-trading bots: they are on the lower end of the risk continuum and work with most tokens (excluding shitcoins).
Please keep in mind SpaceBOTS delivers a platform for you to invest, with quality bots; however, their effectiveness also relies on the market conditions. We give you tools to manifest your investment strategy, but we do not decide the market conditions.