The SpaceDEFI Ecosystem

SpaceDEFI is an umbrella covering all the ecosystem products, including SpaceFUND, SpaceBOTS and more. They are unifie by a team, streams of revenues and utilities, and a vision.
SpaceDEFI is a constellation of products and suites revolving around a simple yet powerful idea: delivering a user-centric UI, optimised rewards and sustainable products.
To achieve this goal, we gather state-of-the art tools with a high degree of security and a focus on user experience. The tools are gathered in theme-oriented suites to create an attractive, all-in-one platform where each piece feeds the other in a beautifully, harmonious and balanced system. The main pieces are:
  • $SPACE: SpaceDEFI's flagship deflationary token. It can be staked with variable lock-up periods to earn more $SPACE and stablecoins, the rewards being generated by the ecosystem's utilities.
  • SpaceBOTS: automated bot-trading made as simple as staking assets into a vault. The only decentralized platform allowing you to simply stake and let our bots do the rest for you. Focusing on low/medium-risk strategies for reliable, stable returns.
  • SpaceFUND: formerly known as WAND Investments, SpaceFUND offers two tokens:
    • The ever-increasing SPTR, 100% backed by stablecoins, designed to be a low-risk store of value
    • The reflection token BTON, leveraging a high number of revenue generation strategies including leveraged and rebalancing farming, short-farming and bot trading. Just hold and receive USDC airdrops monthly with an increasing value over time due to a share of the rewarded being compounded.
  • SpaceGAMES: to indulge the degen within. Simple and rewarding games, ranging from no-loss and lottery-like staking options to risk-inclusive gambling options for higher rewards. Pick your poison and boost your earnings
  • SpaceUSD: an overcollateralized, yield-bearing stablecoin leveraging the power of delta-neutral and arbitrage bot strategies to deliver a significant APR to its holders while enjoying the safety of an over-collateralized, market-neutral stablecoin.
Last modified 8mo ago